CEO insists Haaland didn’t choose the ship because of the money

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Manchester City CEO Ferran Soriano has confirmed Erling Haaland chose to join the club for football reasons. It’s not about money at all.

Haaland has decided on Manchester City for a fee that has been revealed by the Daily Mail at just £51 million. And wages are not exaggerating £385,000 a week. close to other famous stars Soriano insists Manchester City’s salary offer is not the reason Haaland chose to join the Etihad because of other opponents. are ready to pay ufabet at the same level.

“Haaland has chosen us, you have seen the number of transfers. And it seemed reasonable. The wages we pay him are the numbers we can afford. And it’s the number he deserves.”

“We worked hard in explaining the plans to him. As for money, Manchester United, Bayern Munich or Real Madrid can pay him. He decides where he wants to go. And we are hopeful.”

“We’re looking for someone as impressive as Aguero, we’ve spent over a year looking for a replacement and He is that guy,” Soriano said of Al’s son, 21, of the striker. F-Inge Haaland, former City midfielder.

‘If you look at the income of English clubs, the biggest earner is Manchester United,’ he added. ‘They earn £100m more than City, Liverpool and Chelsea.

‘We don’t have more money. In fact, we have less. How much money has United spent in recent years and how much has City spent?

‘If you analyse it, you will see that United has spent more and that City has won 11 titles in the last few years and United one or two – and no league titles.