Conte has criticized the Premier League’s lack of standards

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Spurs head coach Antonio Conte has criticized the Premier League‘s lack of standards over the decision to postpone matches. Because at the agency, he asked for forgiveness. But was reject until being expelled from the Europa Conference League. But other camps asked for anything to the management of the Premier League.

League rules state that if any team has senior players left ( including at least 1 goalkeeper ) does not reach a minimum of 14 people can submit a letter to postpone the ufabet game.  

As a result , Arsenal had courtesy of the league to help postpone the North London derby , which had to visit Spurs on Sunday ( January 16 ) .

It has become a knot in Conte and Tottenham’s minds as they once want to postpone a league game against Leicester last month. The team will have a decisive kick-off day at the end of the Europa Conference League group stage against Rennes. But it was reject resulting in being expell from the group stage  

It was the double standards from the Rulers that the 52 – year-old boss really couldn’t accept

“ To be honest, this happened for the first time in my life. It adds up to a new experience after being in football for quite some time to see that decision, ” Conte sarcastically said ahead of the visit to Leicester ( Jan 19 ) .

“ It’s very strange because if it goes on like this Just a little bit more, you can claim anything. ”

“ The personal feeling is that when the situation is competitive, it has to be competitive. Usually, game postponements are related to the national team program. ” 

“ We all have big problems dealing with COVID. But except for that situation – for other reasons To be honest, I’ve only just met this one. ” 

“ I see that if the league agrees to postpone the game. Because the players of that team are injured That means they want to choose the best calendar for themselves, reduce the frequency of play – to – game. Avoid further injury to their players and postpone it. ” 

“ He understands that anyone has to go in the direction of having good results in the league. which we will receive if it happens after the national team program. The kicker came back. until unable to compete at that time ” 

“ As for us, we will wait and see what will come in the January buy – sell period. ” 

The league has played up to Match Day 22 , but Spurs have played just 18 games, having been postponed for a total of four games.