Antonio changes number, does not move camp

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West Ham forward Mikhail Antonio has been name the English Premier League’s Player of the Month for August 2021-22. After scoring four goals in three matches to celebrate his transition to No 9.

The league’s official website reveals. That votes from fans and well-inform players for the ‘hammer’ executioner have flowed in a landslide as he has three assists in addition to his shots. 

Mikhail, who score in the 4-1 win over Leicester City, has also surpassed Paulo Dicanio to become the ufabet club‘s all-time top goalscorer in the Premier League. Continuing with a half-hundred shot at Crystal Palace 

“When I saw myself stepping up to become a record holder. He said in his heart that he had to do it. From now on we aim as far as possible so that no one can beat our record,” Antonio said after accepting the award two careers. After the previous one in July 2020.

“Every hour from now or in the future I’m always thinking – oh my god I’m West Ham’s record-breaking goalscorer in the league – because when I first signed, I never imagined it. ” 

“Everyone wants to write their own history at every club they play for. And here I can do a few things, and I’m so happy that whenever I can, I’ll write down a note in my home notebook as well.” 

Antonio was remembered as a strong right winger wearing the No. 30 jersey until being thrusted by team manager David Moyes since last season and changing to the No. 9 shirt for the first time. His career immediately exploded.