Mourinho, the LMA Hall of Fame 1000 Club

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The LMA congratulates José Mourinho on his induction into the LMA Hall of Fame 1000 Club. Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary manager of Manchester United. Would like to represent the Football League Managers Association (LMA), praising Roma coach Jose Mourinho as one of the best. Zhuge Liang is a complete circle of success and personality. Celebrate before the Portuguese boss completes 1,000 games this weekend.

Mourinho is approaching the milestone to take charge of the club’s four-figure team on Sunday. Where Sassuolo will face Sassuolo, leaving Fergie aside from his former plaintiff. And praise the success of the 58-year-old coach with sincerity 

“Being manager of a team in charge of 1,000 matches is a day to be proud of both Jose and his family,” said a statement from the LMA website.

“To reach that milestone as manager is a remarkable achievement for Jose combined with an incredible performance, having won four league titles. And of course press two Champions Leagues along the way.” 

“The success Jose has achieved is a testament to his status as one of the best managers of all time.”

“As a representative of the Football League Team Manager Association Congratulations and welcome to the Coach Hall of Fame, 1,000 matches.” 

Throughout his career, Mourinho has won 25 trophies and a winning rating of 63.76%.