Edinson Cavani likes the look Long hair

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Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani has said. That his long hair for almost two decades will change his image, even if being young. With beautiful hair will offend his mother.

‘Edie’ was asked by United fans via the ‘United Review’ magazine. If it is possible to have short hair to be seen as a merit? which the Uruguay spear politely refused. Plus saying that even if my mother came to ask, I still haven’t done it. 

“It’s funny too. That question I hear a lot, too, from friends or family often raising. About it have you ever seen yourself in short hair, Ady? Or Adie, can you cut your hair shorter?-” The Latin shooter opened his mouth.

Edinson Cavani, Have you ever thought of getting your hair cut shorter?

“So this topic is frequently ask by people close to me. And replied to them that they had not accepted it.”

“Well, I was short until I was 15. When I decided to move to Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, to play football. There he started to grow his hair long. He has been raising him until now, almost 20 years ago that he was a young man with long hair.”

“As I learned before, I don’t know when to cut it or shorten it. But I can’t find a reason to do that because I like that I have long hair like this. I really can’t imagine having short hair.”

“I remember when I is a kid, I use to drag my hair and cut my hair until. It is cut on three sides to go to school. I just can’t comb it.” 

“I don’t think Mom wants to mess with my head often. If I could, you’d probably shave it off.”

“So I guess maybe because of that, when I grew up I didn’t want to cut my hair. And maybe not cut it forever, even if it’s this time to start.” 

Cavani is one of the long-haired Latin strikers like other former South American players Claudio Caniggia, Gabriel Batistuta or Diego Forlan.