Some Arsenal players have not been vaccinated

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Mikel Arteta, Arsenal head coach, has begun angering his players who have not been vaccinate against COVID-19. That is because if the test results are positive, it will create a burden on the agency, either the person himself or the team mate, who has to detain himself as a high-risk contact. Therefore, I want to encourage the public’s sake to enter the needle to complete the dosage.

Arsenal players

Arsenal players appear lacking awareness of vaccinations despite Arteta’s example of contracting coronavirus last season. But many people ignore the matter, as in the latest case, Granit Xhaka, the hot-headed midfielder, has refused vaccinations at the club. Until finally, he found a positive result. While keeping the Swiss national team. So he’s still detain there. And has already been suspend from the league game. 

Or the former case is Ben White, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette or former player Willian. 

Brings the urge to ask the boss for help for the common good. 

“Actually, it’s who’s view it is if they won’t get vaccinate against COVID. Because we do not want to reveal our identity about such matters. But it would have some effect,” the 39-year-old coach said before the Norwich duel this weekend.

“Let’s take an example during the trip. If they are not vaccinate when moving to another place or in a situation where they have to live with a large number of people. That would greatly increase the risk of contracting the virus – we wouldn’t want to reveal. “Which players weren’t vaccinate.”

“Because in the end, the team or the club They have to bear the consequences if they become infected with coronavirus.”

“So we try to explain to the players why they believe vaccination is the right thing to do.” 

“First and foremost is to protect the club, the second is to protect the team-mates. The environment in which to live together. Which when someone is vaccinate. It is reveal that they refused to inject it.” 

“But in the end, it’s personal. no compulsion And we respect each other about that.”

The UK is the world’s fourth-most cumulative region with over 7.1 million cases of coronavirus, although at least 60 percent of the country’s vaccinations have been carpet.