Mendes, Opportunities that are ready to be seized

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Nuno Mendes transforms into a Paris Saint-Germain player. which happened on the last day of the summer trading market

It was an exciting summer for Les Parisians fans to see a lot of big stars join the team, although Mendes may not have the same rank as the previous movers. But with the performance and pace that were mentioned while playing on behalf of Sporting Lisbon, the team’s followers couldn’t help but get excited.

No different from the players who are equally danceable because Mendes frankly revealed that he did not dream of moving to a famous French team, where everything happened so quickly on the last day. Before the transfer was confirmed, the deadline had arrived shortly. 

At this point, Nuno Mendes has traveled to join a new club. And his goal is to show why Paris Saint-Germain. to be drawn to join the team

Nuno, welcome to Paris. You just arrived from Portugal. So we think it must be full of mixed emotions?

“It’s true. I’m happy to be here, everything happens very quickly. But I’m adapting quickly and I’m very pleased to be able to work for Paris Saint-Germain. It’s hard to leave your family. But soon they will follow me here to help in every way. things i want For me it is important to have family nearby.”

Everything happened very quickly. How do you feel about this change in your life?

“Actually, it happened very quickly. I was with the national team and got a phone call telling me there was a chance I could sign for Paris Saint-Germain. And that excites me. I never imagined an adventure like this would happen so quickly. But professional footballers must be ready for every situation. I prepare with every I spoke to Danilo when I was a kid in the national team. and know that he will help me in the adjustment process.”

Champions League, Parc des Princes… You will have a lot of experience in a very short period of time. We think you can’t wait any longer?

In the Champions League… it’s a tournament I’ve never played in before. I am happy that Paris has been involved and I look forward to doing everything. As I can play these games, but … whether I play or not. I will always support the team.”